Sumita started to experiment with songwriting at Plymouth open mic nights at the end of 2010 for fun, which resulted in a new growing love for this musical art form.


In 2011 she carried her musical discoveries back to her hometown, Swindon, and released her self-produced first album 'Shapes & Ladders' in November 2012.


Since then she has continued to write songs and perform them live in various venues around the South West, which has enabled her to explore and share new ideas whilst developing herself as an artist.


Sumita's 2nd album, 'Aurelia Aurita', is now available from 

"Songwriting to me is an all-round creative experience;

I enjoy inviting listeners to jump inside my imagination"


"An enchanting vortex of magic and poetry, soundtracked by the bewitching lulls of the keyboard"


-Bring The Noise UK


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